Instagram Update [Ongoing]

Last updated at 22nd of June 2019, 11:40 (UTC)



Problem that we had two weeks ago has reappeared. We're working hard to resume normal service.

Current situation: 

The issue is severe. Some customers might experience slow delivery of likes some mightn't get any likes on new posts at all. We temporarily don't accept any new orders.


19th of June 16:30 (UTC) We start noticing a rapid drop in deliveries and increased load on our system. Routine monitoring that we've been doing since abruption of deliveries in beginning of June helped us identify that something wasn't right quickly. We stopped accepting new orders within minutes to ease the load on our servers and we started looking for the cause of the problems. 

20th of June 15:10 (UTC) We're posting this article to keep our customers updated on the issue, thus far all of our attempts to resume normal operations gave only temporary results.    

20th of June 23:30 (UTC) Our developers are still working on it. We hope to give you better news tomorrow. 

21st of June 20:10 (UTC) A quick update. We've been working on the issue non-stop. We still don't have an ETA on the fix. We'll keep you updated. 

22nd of June 11:40 (UTC) The work is still ongoing. We hope to implement and test a possible solution by the end of the day. 

 We are very sorry for the trouble that we've been having this month. We are working hard to resolve these issues and eliminate the root causes of these problems.